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  • Are you tired of paying your hard earned money for pest control service and being disappointed in the results
  • Have you recalculated your budget and found out that you have to make a cut somewhere
  • Are you tired of working around the schedule of your pest control service company to treat your home
  • Or are you just wondering how hard it would really be to actually do your own pest control the same way the Pro’s do

If you have had any of the same thoughts as the ones that I just listed above or if you have had any other thoughts regarding your local pest control service in Spring Hill then you have stumbled across the right place.

We can help you and instruct you on how to safely and effectively perform your own pest control services. Not only will you be using all of the very same pesticides that the Pro’s use, but you will be saving huge amounts of money $$$$. Money you can then spend on other things.

We offer pesticides to do your own general pest control services for insects such as palmetto bugs or cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, scorpions, and so many more.

If it’s lawn care in Spring Hill, FL that you are looking to take care of we can help you too. We sell only the best fertilizers available to keep your lawn not only green but also healthy. We have the insecticides that you won’t find anywhere else to finally control those dreaded Chinch Bugs from sucking your yard dry.

If you really want to save some serious money then let me tell you about doing your own termite treatment on your home. Yes, you really can do it yourself and at a fraction of the cost of having the Pro’s do the treatment for you. We’re talking about saving $1,000 or more over the life of the service.

By doing your own pest control in Spring Hill, you no longer have to work around the schedule of the companies that you hire. You can often times perform the very same service as the Pro’s do in 15-30 minutes. That’s about the same amount of time that they take to keep your home pest free also.

Our reputation in Spring Hill, Florida is stellar and our customers feel secure enough with us to recommend us to all of their neighbors and friends in the area. We have built this reputation on a firm foundation of hard work, great customer service, and continued education in the subject of proper pest control methods.

We strive to help our customers understand the methods of pest control for many different insects, weeds, and nuisance animals in the safest and most effective means possible.

We thank you for stopping and taking a look at what we have to offer you.
Bug Depot

Get Rid Of Cockroaches Yourself

German cockroaches and american cockroaches a.k.a. palmetto bugs are a common household pest in Florida and here in Spring Hill. We have fast acting treatment protocols for both of these pests that can be safely applied even with pets and children in the home.

Get Of Ants Yourself

Which variety of ant do you have...is it the imported fire ant, the crazy ant, the Florida carpenter ant, the ghost or white footed ant? Did you know that there are different treatments for each of these types of ants? We do, and we will explain what is the best treatment for the specific ant that are having problems with.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself

Bed bugs used to be a pest that only people who stayed in hotels and motels would get. Not anymore...bed bugs re hiding in restaurants, hospitals, schools, daycare centers, the places you work, and any other place that people gather together. Bed bugs are the masters of hitch hiking from person to person and hiding in out of reach areas. We have been helping people get rid or bed bugs for over 7 years now. Our treatment protocol will cost you a fraction of what a professional service will charge while still getting rid of them quickly.

Do Your Own Lawn Care

Taking care of a lawn can be a full time job here in Florida if you let it. There is no shortage of weeds, bugs, and disease to contend with. Luckily we have our ``Best Lawn In Town`` maintenance program that will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood with fewer steps than you probably thought. We sell all of the professional quality products and offer our expertise to make the task simple to follow.

Get Rid of Fleas or Ticks Yourself

We will help you control the 3 areas of flea & tick control. Those are the inside of the house, the outside yard area and on the pet. We will instruct you how to safely and effectively get rid of fleas yourself.

Do Your Own Termite Treatment

Termites can cause thousands of $$$ of damage to your home. Central Florida is known for the high termite populations. We have helped hundreds of homeowners treat and/or prevent termites over the last 25 years while saving them thousands of $$$ in the process. Come see how simple it is to do yourself

  • ANTS

The only equipment you will need is a 1 gallon pressurized pump up garden sprayer like what's pictured. The products cost a fraction of what a professional pest control company or exterminator would charge to do the same treatments.


When you do it yourself you control where you choose to apply the treatments. We will show you all the tips and tricks to get rid of your pest problems quick!


Followup Treatments And Listening To Excuses Are A Thing Of The Past


You Are In Control Of When And Where You Treat


We are proud to share just a few of the happy customers that we have had over the more than 25 years of helping people to get rid of their own pest control and lawn care problems.  We thank you all for your trust and patronage.

Really knowledgeable and helpful. Everything worked really well. Will be making future stops here for sure.

  • Nick Knack

I'd received a few quotes on some rental units, averaging around $2000. I know nothing about pest control other than normal sprays and bombs do little to nothing. So I headed to see the pros, hoping $400 would be enough. I simply walked in and someone jumped to help. I told him all the critters bothering us, and he ran the store grabbing everything I would need for the next few months. A few minutes of instruction and I feel confident enough to handle it. The charge turned out to be less than $250, far below what I expected. And wow, did these chemicals work. Immediate results! My tenants were shocked it worked so well. A lot of places carry the good stuff, what's really important is a staff that ensures you have the right mix, the right knowledge, and at the right price. You'll find that here.

  • Erik Madison

We were new to this business. Had a lot of questions. The staff was extremely helpful and explained everything about the products we purchased. We will definitely go back and have told our friends

  • Ron Marks Sr

I was thankful for not only the attitude of the staff but them taking the time to explain things to me as well as how they wrote instructions on the items. They also answered my questioned and encouraged me to call if I had further questions.

  • DR MTO

I've been going to Bug Depot for advice and lawn and garden care products for 10 years. Ryan and his team have always been very patient and informative with my many questions (I was new to Florida and even now, I still come up with new inquiries). Their products have always done what they said they would and Ryan's team ensures that you understand their proper use, including spreader or sprayer settings. They don't oversell what you don't need. I don't go anywhere else for garden and lawn care help. They are the best!

  • Spring Hill Resident